The GESCOM Company has a sanctioned strength of 10292 while 7085 employees are working presently. Details of the employees strength is as mentioned below:

Kalbuaragi Circle

Working Strength – 3594
Sanctioned Strength – 5306

Bellary Circle

Working Strength – 3368
Sanctioned Strength – 4781

Corporate Office

Working Strength – 123
Sanctioned Strength – 205



Working Strength – 7085
Sanctioned Strength – 10292

GESCOM has give lot of emphasis for Human Resource Development and recognizes the fact that human resources of the one of the important resources. A separate training policy has been formulated to cover all the employees under training and development activities in the Company. Focused training on attitudinal change and customer care aspects of HRD is being given in all Sub-Divisions and Divisions under training module called Understanding Organization in Changing Scenario. This training was carried out by the in house training resource person 2025 man-days training was imparted in other aspects like stress Management, Public relation and Office Management. GESCOM intends to establish a residential HRD training center at Gulbarga and action taken in this direction.

  • This center will have all modern facilities required for training and will run a professional lines.
  • All the employees of A, B & C category will undergo at lest one training every year.
  • GESCOM Training Resource Group will be formed for conducting in-house training activities as and when required.

GESCOM intends to a optimize its manpower so as achieve the mission it has set for itself. In this direction, efforts will be made to constantly orient the personnel of the Company to the changing scenario and equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge.