The current system carries with its disadvantages associated with redundancy and inconsistency of data in different ledger and lacks centralization of data. So in order to improve the efficiency of system and enhance control through increased accuracy, consistency and better security for effective information retrieval in a minimal time, the following computerized activities have been successfully implemented.

Total Revenue Management (TRM) Work:

The Web based TRM had been implemented to all 53 Sub-divisions in Rural areas of GESCOM out of 53 Sub-divisions 27 Sub-Divisions of Gulbarga Zone, implemented by M/s. N Soft (India) Services Pvt. Ltd Bengaluru, and  26 Sub-Divisions of Ballari Zone implemented by M/s. BCITS, Bengaluru and 21 Nos of RAPDRP towns by M/s Infosys, Bengaluru.

Set up of dedicated Computer Training Center at Corporate office.

Centralized in-house Computer and software Training Center has been established at the  GESCOM Corporate office.

Hosting of Website

GESCOM is having its own website and links are provided to KPTCL and other ESCOMs and is updated from time to time.

PC Procurement/Penetration

Computers are provided to all the Sub-divisions, Divisions, Circles, Zones and Corporate Office for the above rank of AO’s and AEE’s and in addition to all other wings such as Vigilance, MRT, C&M, CSC, Technical and Accounts sections of Sub-division.

Internet Facility

Internet connection has been provided to all the Sub-divisions, Divisions, Circles, Zones and Corporate Office.

LAN has been established at Corporate Office (extended to O&M Zonal Office, Kalaburfi also) using UTP-5 cable. 512 kbps leased line from BSNL is used for internet access of PCs in Corporate Office through Router. And 4Mbps leased line from Reliance is used for internet access of PCs in Corporate Office.


All the tenders costing Rs. 1 lakh and above are being invited through e-Procurement portal ONLY.

Training for use of Hand held machines :

The GESCOM employees have been provided training for effective use of the Hand held machines.



Any Time Payment (ATP) :

6 Nos ATP’s are installed in GESCOM, area 2 in Gulbarga city and 1 each in Bidar, Ballari, Raichur and Hosapete, ATP Machine Contract Period expired on 31.08.2012 . Further Contract Not Extended.

Video Conferencing facility :

Video conferencing facility is in operation at Corporate Office.

Remote Automatic Meter Reading:

Remote Automatic Meter Readings for DTCs is taken in GESCOM in order to achieve accurate energy auditing. At present, out of 75,601 nos. of DTCs, 34535 nos. in rural areas and 8304 nos. in 21 towns under R-APDRP, totally 42657 nos. of DTCs are metered through outsource on total turnkey including necessary components such as modems, SIM cards, computer software etc.  Further RAMR is also extended to HT installations in 21 towns under R-APDRP. Already 628 nos. of 3 phase, 3 wire HT meters has been fixed with modems, SIM Cards etc.


The SCADA project amounting to Rs. 15.09 crores and covering 86 Nos of 33/11 KV Sub-stations under Phase-1is taken up in GESCOM and the project is commissioned at 82 No’s  S/S and out of which only  2 No’s  S/S are online at DCC. The DCC established at Corporate Office premises and started functioning from 04-10-2010.

The SCADA Project Under Phase-II amounting to Rs. 2.09 Crores and covering 21 No’s of 33/11KV Sub-station is awarded to M/s. ABB Ltd., Bangalore on dated 08-02-2013.

The Progress of Phase-II projects is as below:

The RTUs and Interface panels are erected at 21 No’s 33/11KV Sub-station & V-SAT, UPS erection and earthing works, testing & commissioning of SCADA are pending from M/s. ABB Ltd.


  • For establishing Centralized Data Warehouse Server
  • For Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Extension of ATP system to other divisions
  • For establishing Intranet server
  • For Document Management System
  • For Inspection Software
  • For Audit Software
  • For Financial Accounting Package
  • For Online Accounting System
  • Cash Management System