Section 4 (1)(A) of RTI Act

GESCOM Public Information Officers & First Appellate Authorities

Public Information Officers & Assistant Public Information Officers of Corporate Office, GESCOM

Public Information Officers & Assistant Public Information Officers of GESCOM

Public Information Officers & Assistant Public Information Officers of GESCOM

Download Signed Copy of the Order No: GESCOM/CEE (CP)/RTI/2009-10/Cys-98 Dated: 26th Aug 2009 regarding designating of PIOs, APIO & First Appellate Authorities of GESCOM under RTI Act

Section 4 (1)(B) of RTI Act

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Download RTI Act-2005

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Clarifications from Information Commission/ Heighlights of Official Memorandums from the Govt. Departments

“Commission further directs that in all communications with an RTI applicant, the name of the PIO, his phone number and address as also the name and address and telephone number of the first appellate authority must be mentioned.”

“Transfer of application or part thereof, as the case may be, should be made as soon as possible and in any case within 5 days from the date of receipt of the application.”

“Time period of 5 days for transfer of application applies only when the application is transferred from one public authority to another public authority and not for transfer from one PIO to another within in the same public authority.

In such a case, the PIO receiving the application should transfer it to the concerned PIO immediately, preferably the same day.”

“The public authority to whom the application is made is not required to collect information
from different public authorities to supply it to the applicant.”

“Commission has therefore concluded that all heads of government offices who maintain their own records have their own record rooms will have to be treated as public authority.”

“The commission noted that under section 5(2), a public authority has to appoint APIOs only at each sub-divisional level or sub-district level. Hence the APIOs are to be appointed only outside the Central Office and not within the Central Office itself. Appointment of APIOs in the Central Office is not permissible and not serves any purpose.”