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The Mission of the Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company (GESCOM) Limited is to ensure reliable quality power to its customers at competitive prices.

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Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited (GESCOM) has taken over the responsibility from KPTCL for the distribution of electricity in 6 districts and commenced its operations from 1st June 2002. Read more about us...

Shri. M. Mahadev,
Managing Director

Shri. L.R. Neelya Naik.
Director (Technical)


- : GESCOM Notifications :-

A.L.M Recruitment Endurance Test has been Postponed.

A.L.M. Recruitment in GESCOM (Online application from 16.06.2014 to 16.07.2014)

A.L.M Recruitment Download Endurance Test Call Letter.

Standards Of Performance (SOP) of GESCOM for the month of Oct-2014  

SAKALA information of GESCOM for the month of Oct-2014  

MTTP-3 Training for Maintenance Staff from 27.10.2014 to 16.12.2014  

Provisional Selection List Candidates for Apprentices Training ITI Electrician/C.O.E 2014-15  

Standards Of Performance (SOP) of GESCOM for the month of AUG-2014  

SAKALA information of GESCOM for the month of AUG-2014  

MTTP-3 Training for Maintenance Staff from 25.08.2014 to 18.10.2014  

I.T.I Electrician / COE Notification from 04-08-2014 to 19-08-2014  

Performance Ranking of Sub-Divisions-May 2014  

Before the KERC at Bangalore under Section 11(2) Read with section 62 of the Electricity ACT 2003 in Case No. O.P.15/2014  

Supplementary Examination Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional repeaters on 02.08.2014  

MTTP-2, and MTTP-4 Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotion Examinational Result on 20.05.2014  

Implementation of Fuel Cost Adjustment Charges during billing quarter commencing from July-14 to Sep-14  

Fuel Cost Adjustment Charges for the billing quarter July-Sep.2014  

Circular :- Compulsory Registration of Ganga Kalyan IP Set Through Online Registration  

C & D Group OM-Regarding  

Details of C & D Group Employees Regarding  

KERC Tariff Order for FY-15 w.e.f. 01.05.2014 both in kannada and English  

KERC Public Hearing at Gulbarga on Dt:30.04.2014  

Office Working Hours for April and May 2014  

Notification of Posts Identified as Local Cadre for HKR Reservation Dt:10.04.2014  

Blacklisting the firm M/s Joy Electricals, Karwar.  

ORDER on M/s. Datta Sai Cement Concrete Products Karnool  

MTTP-2 Non Technical MR/OS/OPRT/ASK/Jr.MR Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional Training from 26.03.2014 to 20.05.2014  

Training for officials Under R-APDRP on Communication and Customer Relation form 13-15 March 2014 and 17-19 March 2014 at Corporate Office Gulbarga  

Tariff petition files by GESCOM: APR of FY-13, ARR for FY-15 and Expected Revenue from charges (ERC) for FY-15  

Compliances filed by GESCOM to the Preliminary observation made by KERC regarding Tariff filing FY-15  

Prepone Meeting on 01.02.2014  

Meeting on 01.02.2014  

Audited Annual Accounts FY-13  

Initiation of Process for Selection and appointment of Members of KERC  

Supplementary Examination for Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional repeaters on 10.01.2014  

Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotion Examination Results 11.10.2013  

Tender Notification  

Standard Draft of Wheeling & Banking Agreement  

Rate Contract award of Energy Meters to M/s L&T  

M/s. Manas Electric Company  

Wheeling and Banking  

GESCOM Tariff order 2013.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 08/2010 of M/s Standard Electricals Gulbarga.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 09/2010 of M/s Chattinad Cement Corporation Ltd.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 09/2011 of M/s Karanja Industries Pvt Ltd.  

Implementation of Karnataka Electricity (Taxation on Consumption) Act 2013  

Installation of Energy Efficient 3-Star Rated Distribution Transformers in Respect of all the Self Execution Works  

Revoking of order on M/s. Sterlite Technologies Ltd. PUNE  

Supplementary Examination for Repeaters on 21.03.2013  

Blacklisting the firm M/s Sterlite Techonogies Ltd, Pune.  

List of beneficiaries for regularization of unauthorized I.P Sets  

Petition before KERC filed by GESCOM under MYT Principles for the year FY-14 to FY-16 and Revision of Tariff for FY-14  

Provisional Half Yearly Accounts H1 FY 13  

Annual report FY-12  

Adoption of Common Schedule of Rates-2013  

Revokeing the O.M Declaring as Defaulters to GESCOM

MEMO:Implementation of Closure Directions issued by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Blacklisting the firm M/s Taruna Dechome Pvr, Ltd Bikaner.

Forfeiture of BG/Performance Guarantce, Blacklist & initiating legal action againest M/s Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd., Jaipur

Detailed Work Award for providing web based TRM services to Gulbarga Zone (LOT-1)

Detailed Work Award for providing web based TRM services to Bellary Zone (LOT-2)

Forfeiting of EMD and blacklisting of firms

Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS)



NEW : Online Application And Guidelines for implementation of On-grid Solar Rooftop PV system (Net-Metering) in GESCOM

Online Payment of Bills (R-APDRP Area)

Online Payment Guide English
Online Payment Guide Kannada








TARIFF 2013 



Photos on 15th August 2014

Photos on 15th August 2014

Karnataka Rajostav Photos

Photos of Work Shop on TDS

Vendor Approved List of GESCOM

Vendor Registration Form

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